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After years providing quality solutions and supports for businesses in the Mississauga and surrounding area, Superior Packaging closed its doors. Tameka had the pleasure of working as a partner at Superior Packaging for six of those years so when the closure was announced, Tameka was left with the difficult decision of “what now?”.

Tameka valued her position at Superior Packaging for her contributions to business outcomes on a variety of projects. As a six-year employee, there was a level of confidence, predictability, and comfort in this role. Tameka decided she wanted to pivot and look for other employment so connected with Career Connection.

Tameka is driven to succeed and provide quality work. From the start of service with Career Connection, Tameka showed up with unwavering determination. Tameka worked with her job coach, Alyssa, to develop and work through her employment plan. Alyssa and Tameka met bi-weekly and focused on resume building, interview preparation, highlighting skills and enhancing those areas she felt challenged with. Tameka continued to prove herself as an asset to employers as she is persistent, resilient and has a positive attitude.

Tameka secured an interview with EJOT Construction Fastening Systems Inc. and, during the interview, was asked to complete a sample of the tasks she would be responsible for. Here she shined-she recognized the tools and showed off her skills without hesitation. Tameka received a job offer and this is a testament to the reality that sometimes you just need to be provided the opportunity to showcase your skills in a different capacity as part of the interview process.

On day one, Tameka arrived ready and willing to work. At the end of her first day, she received feedback around productivity and immediately implemented the recommendations on her second day. On day two, she surpassed the initially proposed expectations for productivity, showcasing why a 2018 Accenture study found that businesses practicing inclusive hiring have 72% more productivity.

Tameka’s role contributed to the overall output of the business at EJOT. By carving out this role, other areas of the business reached higher levels of productivity as well, making a significant impact on their business and overall outcomes.

“Tameka is a joy to work with.  She is always happy and energetic. Tameka takes on each task with confidence and diligence. We are happy to have her as a part of our EJOT team,” shares Sandi with EJOT on her experience working with Tameka. Tameka also shares her satisfaction working at EJOT, saying “it’s a good environment, I like meeting new people, and enjoy working with my colleagues.”

If you are interested in learning more about how you can reach full potential as a job seeker or business, contact Career Connection at info@career-connection.ca or 905-542-2694.

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