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In 2015, the HIRE Program was piloted with the intention of increasing youth engagement with employment. The HIRE Program prepares youth at an early age for employment and provides opportunities to develop skills and gain experience to support their transition to work.

The HIRE Program offers 4 primary components:

  • Information sharing for teaching faculty and support networks
  • Workshops for students
  • Summer Employment Program
  • Co-Operative Education Placements

Thanks to the generosity of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the HIRE Program was able to expand from a pilot project to an official program from 2018-2021. This funding supported the increased employability for people who have an intellectual disability. During this time, the HIRE Program:

  • Reached 280 students who have an intellectual disability
  • Engaged with 21 high schools and 1 post-secondary institution
  • Partnered with 26 employers
  • Conducted 10+ presentations for families/teaching faculty
  • Attended 50+ meetings to support with transition planning
  • Supported 251 students in 291 workshop sessions in 18 schools
  • Supported 19 students to secure employment after graduation
  • Supported 24 students in summer jobs

The HIRE Program appreciates the ongoing support and commitment from local schools and employers and recognizes the generous funding received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation from 2018-2021 to expand and enhance the HIRE Program.

If you are interested in learning more about the HIRE Program, visit www.career-connection.ca or email info@career-connection.ca.

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