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Career Connection first developed a connection with the Roots Corporation at their Distribution Centre in 2019 through a network contact with a local employment service provider. It was through this association that Career Connection was connected to Donald Weatherill, Supervisor and the Roots team. It was through the initial connection where it was determined that the Roots Corporation was looking to foster and develop an inclusive workforce. This sprung everyone into action! Although the journey to hire took longer than anticipated, the first employees were hired in 2021 at the Roots Corporation Distribution Centre.

Kevin was amongst one of the first people to be hired at Roots at their Distribution Centre through this connection. Just as anyone would feel – excitement and a tad of nervousness was felt by Kevin before his first day of work. In 2021, Kevin started at Roots as a contract box maker and cleaner. While working during his contract position, Kevin proved to be a valuable team member, meeting all of the employer’s expectations and much more! When Kevin initially started in his contract role, he trained on a variety of tasks which he excelled in. Soon after, he was given the opportunity to learn new and more nuanced tasks and responsibilities including picking and sorting items for shipment. Taking on these new responsibilities were both exciting and nerving for Kevin, however Kevin took this with stride determining that this was a risk worth taking on, based on the previous success he had. Kevin’s employer quickly determined that Kevin was not only a reliable employee but he also possessed an admirable work ethic, positive attitude and he was consistent in his performance and results.  

When Kevin’s contract with the Roots Corporation ended, he was hopeful that he might have the opportunity to return when the new season started. With Kevin’s determination and resiliency he was given the opportunity to return to Roots on a renewed contract! His intuition was correct and backed by his performance and contributions.

Kevin fulfilled all of the necessary requirements of his new contract and then some! Faced yet again with uncertainty Kevin found himself hoping for another contract renewal. Through determination, a strong work ethic, proving that he is a vital team member, as well as, with the support from Donald Weatherill, Supervisor, and Michelle Miraj, Specialist Talent and Engagement

, Kevin was able to meet his employment goal of securing a permanent full-time position with the Roots Corporation at their Distribution Centre. Another success in Kevin’s employment and career journey! Michelle has stated that “Kevin is a valuable employee and an asset to the team”.

The Roots Corporation has fostered inclusivity in their workplace and become a business champion. Congratulations to the Roots Corporation for embracing a diverse workforce, inclusive hiring practises, and creating a welcoming environment for EVERYBODY! If you are an employer wanting to learn more about inclusive hiring or how Career Connection can help your business, contact us at info@career-connection.ca or 905-542-2694.

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