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The 2020/2021 school year was unlike any other. Similarly to students and teachers across the province, Career Connection’s HIRE Program was forced to pivot, adapting to virtual learning and no in-person co-operative education placements.

Sheneice, entering her final year of school, had been looking forward to her graduating year. Attending Loyola Catholic Secondary School, Sheneice had the opportunity to participate in weekly webinars through HIRE, in lieu of the in-person workshops offered pre-pandemic. Sheneice quickly showed how committed she was to finding a job and joined the HIRE Program as a graduating student.

The HIRE Program offers graduating students support to find co-operative education placements that match their employment goals and transition to paid employment upon graduation. Due to Covid-19 and no in-person placements, this portion of the program transitioned to one-on-one bi-weekly meetings with a job coach. This amendment to the program still ensured graduating students had the best chance of entering the workforce upon graduation. In addition, it provided an opportunity for the student to learn more about themselves, work and their employment goals and the HIRE Program team to get to know the student more.

It was through these meetings that Sheneice honed in on her goal to work part time in a restaurant setting. Sheneice demonstrated a great commitment to preparing for work and, in June 2021, with graduation approaching, Sheneice was hired at Swiss Chalet in a food preparation role.

Sheneice had demonstrated such commitment and dedication to her goals during her final year of school that when it came to training and learning her new job, she was ready. With so many different components within her role, Sheneice, the Swiss Chalet team and the job coach, Francine, worked to review accommodations that would ensure a successful onboarding.

When employers hear ‘accommodations’, they often wonder “how much will this cost?”. In fact, studies show that the majority of workplace accommodations cost less than $500.00. Working as a team, it was decided that the best way to ensure mutual success for Sheneice and Swiss Chalet was a combination of job coaching and a simple visual aid-a food preparation guide. Career Connection offers job coaching supports at no cost and was able to create the visual for under $25.00-well under the average cost of accommodations! These supports have fostered a successful hire and retention of a hardworking and dedicated employee, saving more time and money in the future.

Have questions about accommodations in the workplace or inclusive hiring and services available? Contact us at info@career-connection.ca or 905-542-2694.

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