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For over 10 years, Loblaws Port Credit has been a business champion-onboarding people who have an intellectual disability and working alongside Career Connection to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Loblaws’ commitment to inclusive hiring flourished over this past year. As an essential service during the pandemic, Loblaws’ continues to serve the community and noted the need to onboard additional essential service employees to continue to do so. Career Connection appreciates the increased and multiple demands placed on our employer partners during this time and was there to support where needed. “The partnership built with Career Connection helped bridge the hire gap,” shares Courtney, Loblaws Manager.

Loblaws worked alongside Career Connection throughout the recruitment process. Career Connection provided pre-screened, work ready candidates based on Loblaws’ identified needs and worked with Loblaws throughout the onboarding process to ensure employees were set up for success from day one. The collaboration between both parties has resulted in the successful hiring of multiple people, meeting a hiring need that benefits the business, employees and community.

Loblaws’ dedication to employees’ success is unwavering. Parna, Store Front Manager, sees the value each person brings to the team and has shown firsthand how the right training and supports makes a difference-not only for the employee, but the team and the business. Parna worked alongside one hire, Vikram, to ensure he flourished in his role. Fast forward a few months and Vikram has taken on additional tasks, is excelling at managing his time and gained a sense of independence and pride that shines at work and beyond. He’s an integral component of the Loblaws Port Credit team.    

Thank you to Loblaws Port Credit for all that you have done as an essential service during this time, for being a business champion and for supporting inclusive hiring. If you are an employer wanting to learn more about inclusive hiring or how Career Connection can help your business succeed, contact us at info@career-connection.ca or 905-542-2694.

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