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Paul Brum at Work

Paul Brum, an ambitious, driven and independent person successfully secured employment with DSV Solutions (Sephora) in August 2021.

Paul began his time with DSV Solutions, as a warehouse box maker, and quickly proved to be a dependable, dedicated, consistent, and valued team player. Management took notice and appreciated Paul’s speed and efficiency but over time Paul started to feel the urge for change. As a result, Paul shifted his goals toward advancement; however, he was unsure of how to go about trying different roles in the warehouse.

With the encouragement of DSV Solutions, Paul was trained to move into a pallet loading role, where he was not only loading orders but organizing pallets according to where they will be shipped. Accuracy is crucial is this role and Paul approached his new responsibilities with great seriousness. As such, he promptly learned the ins-and-outs of pallet loading and all the elements of his new warehouse duties. Much like his work as a box maker, Paul’s performance and measurable output was perceived as outstanding work. In July 2022, Paul was awarded employee of the month!

As Paul continued to progress in his role, he shared specific goals with his direct supervisor Bobby – of which his intentions are to become a supervisor. With Bobby’s support and guidance, Paul has recently been promoted to a “Picker” role. Upon starting, Paul learned his new position within two hours and continues to impress his colleagues with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Paul has expressed great gratitude and excitement and is looking forward to where his journey with DSV Solutions will take him.

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