About Us

Career Connection builds a bridge between Mississauga businesses and employment candidates who have an intellectual disability for mutual success and inclusion.

We guide our candidates towards their employment goals with career planning, training and skills development. Our experienced staff support job seekers through the entire process, from application to on-site training.

We work closely with businesses that support inclusion to provide pre-screened, work-ready candidates that are invested in long-term success. Through job coaching and regular follow-up, we strive for a smooth on-boarding process and high retention rates.

The results are productive team members that inspire others to reach their own new heights.

Businesses that hire people who have disabilities experience…

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    72% more productivity
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    a 45% increase in workplace safety
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    30% higher profit margins
Supermarket employee helping a customer

Building a Bridge

Career Connection works with both job seekers and employers with tailored programs for each.